Regardless Of Race Or Gender

With that said, counter-victimization literacy and the public's consideration of literature by experts on identifying and interacting with dangerous personalities can serve to protect the human family. Home is where harm begins, or it is the anchor on which our love for our fellow human being springs. What's more, individually, we can each ensure that we are not practicers or enablers of victimization.

Dangerous Personalities and Victimization:

Counter-victimization Literacy:

Introduction By Violet of NeuroscienceClub.us' Counter-V Initiative.

Dangerous personalities experience extraordinary empathy for themselves, and compassion towards like-minded people, but they resist offering the same to their targets. Their methods of victimization produce a measured interpersonal culture that is unique to them but similar to other harmful humans.

Without proper intervention and conditioning the victim of trauma can also become the victimizer, regardless of their race or gender. The normalization of trauma, abuse, apathy, and the projection of worthlessness and dehumanization within these toxic environments (when they were most vulnerable and malleable,) influence their beliefs, expectations, standards, personal-culture, and values. Over time, the practice of harm becomes a shortcut to self-empowerment, release, and even delight. Their victimization of others may at times mimic the trauma, terror, and pain they have experienced, but it is self-serving. There is no internal motivation to change or, to acknowledge the opportunities our imperfection offer us to learn, adapt, and grow. The dangerous personality weaponizes blame, guilt, and obfuscation to impede their accountability and carry on wrong doing.  

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Along this continuum of danger, interpersonal culture, and human behavior are four personalities identified by former FBI Profiler, Joe Navarro. Referred to as dangerous personalities; they are not afixed to a particular gender. These individuals are male or female.